All Plinko gambling games in online casinos for real money

Plinko Casino is a popular online casino ball drop game based on the classic game show The Price Is Right, which was created by Frank Wayne in 1983. Plinko combines elements of classic casino slots, pinball and the popular television game show. For 2024, there are 21 types of Plinko games from different developers, and some online casinos have their own slot development. The most popular are slots from developers Spribe, Bgaming and Smartsoft Gaming. Here we’ll cover everything you need to know about Plinko, including how to play, strategies for winning, the truth about the schemes and where to play for money or for free.

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21 Plinko games for money from different providers

We took 5 popular online casinos and looked at what kinds of Plinko are in their assortment and we got a list of 21 games. All of them may differ in visual interface, number of rows, odds, stakes, but the basic essence of the game does not change – the ball must fall into the winning cell.

Rules and the essence of the game Plinko in the casino

The aim of the game is simple – the ball must overcome the obstacles of pins to fall into the cell, the coefficient of which is greater than 1, then you get a win. If the ball falls into a cell with a coefficient of less than 1, then you lose. That’s it, there is no need to keep track of symbols, lines, reels, as in the classic slot machines in online casinos.

For example, you bet 100 euros / dollars:

  • The ball falls into a cell with a multiplier of 1 – your bet is returned;
  • The ball falls on a cell with a multiplier of 2 – win 200;
  • The ball falls on a cell with a multiplier of 0.5 – loss, 50 is deducted from your bet.

Here are the basic rules:

  1. The Plinko game consists of a playing field with an obstacle grid in the form of a pyramid with pins and a row of cells at the bottom;
  2. Players must place a bet and press a button to launch a balloon;
  3. The ball drops down the board and bounces off the obstacles until it hits one of the cells at the bottom;
  4. The cell the ball hits determines the player’s payout, according to the formula: the amount of the bet multiplied by the cell coefficient.

As a rule in Plinko available from 8 to 16 lines. Increasing them we increase the height, the number of obstacles, as well as the number of cells with a coefficient – multiplier of your bet. Increasing the number of cells increases the coefficient of the most extreme cells. From different developers the range of lines may vary.

Plinko playing field from Bgaming. Lines from 8 to 16.
Plinko game board from Spribe. Lines from 12 to 16.
Plinko playing field from SmartSoft. There are only 16 lines.

As you can see, the essence of the game Plinko in the casino is the same, a little different interface and somewhere functionality, but we will talk about this in detail below, when we will review the game from different developers separately. Here we just wanted to show what the point of the game.

Top 5 popular Plinko games

Plinko by Bgaming (first version)

Developer Bgaming released the game on January 28, 2019, according to the information on the official website, the slot has an RTP of 99%. The maximum possible multiplier is x1000. You can choose the risk level: high, medium, low. You can play in demo on our site or on the provider’s site at the link . This version of the slot began to disappear in many casinos, for today there is an opportunity to play at 1Win Casino.

Maximum multiplierx 1000
Minimum multiplierx 0.2
Release date28.01.2019
Official Game Site
Number of Lines8 to 16
Auto modeyes
Maximum bet20 euros
Maximum win140000 euros

Screenshots of the game from Bgaming

Plinko XY by Bgaming

An updated version of the game from Bgaming, which was released on March 24, 2022. Plinko XY is adapted for cryptocurrency casinos. There are no differences in functionality or rules from the first version, only the color scheme has changed to black and gray tones. You can play for free at the developer’s link or at our demo section.

Maximum multiplierx1000
Minimum multiplierx0.2
Release date24.03.2022
Official site of the game
Number of Lines8 to 16
Auto modeYes
Max bet 20 euros
Maximum win140000 euros

Plinko by Spribe

The game is from a developer that became popular worldwide thanks to the Aviator game. The provider Spribe introduced its Plinko slot on January 20, 2021. Here you can choose from 12 to 16 lines. There’s also a gradation by risk level: green (low), yellow (medium), red (high). A distinctive feature from Bgaming is that there is an opportunity to launch balls of different difficulty levels at the same time. The game uses Provably Fair technology. Demo version from the developer is available at or you can run the game for free on our website.

Maximum multiplierx555
Minimum multiplierx0
Release date20.01.2021
Official site of the game
Number of Lines12 to 16
Auto modeYes
Maximum bet100 USD
Maximum win10000 USD

Screenshots of the slot from Spribe

Plinko X by Smartsoft Gaming

The game was released on July 1, 2022 and has an RTP of 98.5%. Unlike other versions above in Plinko X there is no possibility to change the number of rows, it is here fixed – 16 pieces. Also in the slot from Smartsoft there is an opportunity to increase the speed of falling balls, which is very convenient. There is no possibility to change the level of risk, but there are three types of balls that can fall out randomly: pink (normal), yellow (x5 to the bet), red with a plume (x10 to the bet). You can play for free at , where you can click on the slot image.

Maximum multiplierx1000
Minimum multiplierx0,2
Release date20.07.2022
Official site of the game 
Number of lines16
Auto modeYes
Maximum bet100 Euros
Maximum win100000 Euros

Plinko’s from Stake Casino

The game is developed by casino, here you can play only on cryptocurrency. There are from 8 to 16 rows and three types of risk: low, medium and high. There is no free demo mode in this game, you can only play with real money. You can enable the acceleration of the balls to make them fall faster.

Maximum multiplierx1000
Minimum multiplierx0,2
Official site of the game 
Number of rows from8 to 16
Auto modeNo

How to download the game

Plinko Casino is not a single-player single-player game of the same name. There are 21 games from different developers, but even so, you can’t download them as a separate app. You can play the games from your phone, as each developer has adapted the slot for mobile devices. And if you want to download Plinko as an application on Android or iPhone, then you need to look for an online casino that has the right version of the game and has an official mobile application.

How to win at Plinko

We do not recommend using schemes and strategies that promise almost guaranteed winnings in every round – it is a scam. The main purpose of these tips is that you register at the advertised casinos and using these strategies to lose money, and from these losses the authors of the strategies will receive a commission.

In addition, there is no way to cheat the Plinko game because it uses random number generator technology.

Here are a few schemes that can help increase your chance of winning:

  1. Take advantage of bonus offers at online casinos. Many brands offer welcome sign-up bonuses in the form of bonus money on your first deposits, which you can use in-game.
  2. Determine your budget that you are willing to allocate to the Plinko game and stay within it. This way you will not lose a large amount of money that will be critical for you.
  3. Start playing with the minimum bet and if you have a winning line, then increase the amount of the bet a little bit at a time. After a losing round, reduce the bet back down.
  4. Take breaks in the game.
  5. Do not take the game Plinko, as a way to make money, and in general all gambling. Casino games are first and foremost a way to have a good time and get some adrenaline.

It is always important to remember that gambling is not a guaranteed way to win, it all depends on luck!

A list of casinos with Plinko that players often search for

  • Pin-Up – 120% + 250 freespins;
  • 1xBet – 726260 EUR + 150 freespins;
  • GGbet – 1500 EUR + 500 freespins;
  • 1Win – 500%;
  • Mostbet – 125% + 250 freespins;
  • Stake – no welcome bonus;
  • Up-X – up to 65 bars;
  • Winbee – no bonuses for new players;
  • Roobet – no signup bonuses;
  • Play2x – no welcome bonuses;
  • Novibet;
  • MyStake – up to 150%.

How to choose a casino to play Plinko for money

The casino must have a license

Some countries have local licenses, but mostly many brands use so-called offshore licenses. The most popular are the Malta (MGA), Curacao and Gibraltar (GBGA) licenses.

Check the license under which the casino operates can be on the official site at the bottom of its bottom or write to the casino support and ask for information. If the data on the license on the site you did not find, and support is trying to avoid answering and says that it is allegedly a trade secret, then in front of you dishonest casino and safely put it on your blacklist.

The brand must accept your country for registration

Check if you can register on the casino site from the country you are in. If your country is not on the list, you will not be able to pass verification. It happens that a player is a citizen of a country that the casino does not accept, but lives in another country that does – in this case, we recommend writing to support and find out whether in this case you can create an account.

The main problems that may arise if you pass registration and your country will be banned – this is the lack of payment systems convenient to you and problems with account verification.

Check the deposit methods

Familiarize yourself with the deposit methods, they should be convenient for you so that you can easily fund your casino account.

Check the availability of Plino games in the games catalog

We counted 21 types of Plinco games from different providers, not all of them may be represented in the casino. You may need a specific game from a specific developer. Therefore, check the availability of the desired slot through search or by provider on the official casino site.

For example, Plinko Anubis is a development of 1win and you can play this game only at 1win casino.

Plinko Crypto

With the development of cryptocurrencies, there are more and more casinos that are focused on playing not through fiat money, but through cryptocurrency, such as: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Binance Coin, Cardano, Doge and others. 

Together with the development of online casinos on crypto, providers began to release versions of Plinko, which are adapted to crypto projects. Listed below are a few sites where you can play Plinko on cryptocurrencies.

  1. Vave;
  2. Stake;
  3. BC.Game;
  5. Fairspin;
  6. 7Bit Casino;
  7. 1xBit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name of the game where the balls fall down in the casino?

This is the Plinko game. There are many variations of this slot from different developers, you can see the whole list of these games on our website.

How to download the Plinko game?

For this you need to choose any online casino that has a mobile application on Android or iOS and which has the game itself.

What is the official website of Plinko Casino?

There is no such site, because Plinko is a casino game that has different versions from different developers. On our site, we have listed all the versions we could find.

Where to play the demo?

On our website in the "Demo" section, on the developer's website, at online casinos where the right version of the game is available.

Does the game have bonuses or freespins?

No, the game does not offer free spins or buy in bonuses. But you can use welcome bonuses for new players or promo codes that are provided specifically for Plinko.