Plinko by Bgaming

Plinko by Bgaming

RTP: 99%

Plinko Casino » Plinko by Bgaming

There are three versions of the game from developer Bgaming:

  1. Plinko;
  2. Plinko XY
  3. Plinko Easter.

There are no differences in functionality and rules of the game. The games differ from each other only in color scheme. Plinko XY is an updated version for cryptocurrency casinos, Easter was released under the Easter holiday.

120% + 250FS

Maximum multiplierx 1000
Minimum multiplierx 0.2
Official site
Number of rows8 to 16
Risk levelYes
Maximum bet20  euros
Maximum winnings140000 euros

The first version of Bgaming

The game is made in blue and purple colors.

Plinko XY

Second version, improved specifically for crypto casinos.

Plinko Easter

The game is released in the stylization of the Easter holiday.

How to play Plinko by Bgaming

This is a universal instruction for all three versions of the game, as the rules do not differ. Let’s say right away that the order of steps can be any (well, apart from the “PLAY” button). Play with lines and risk level and see which multipliers you like more and after that start playing.

1. Choose the size of your bet

This is done with the “+” and “-” buttons or “Min” and “Max” buttons. These buttons become inactive after reaching the maximum or minimum amount.

2. Choose your risk level

You are given a choice of high, medium and low. Depending on the level, the multiplier increases or decreases. Below we have given an example of the multipliers for a playing field with 8 lines in descending order.

Low levelMedium levelHigh level

3. Choose the number of lines

In total, you can choose from 8 to 16 lines in Plinko by Bgaming. Depending on the number of lines, the multipliers also change.

4. Select “Manual” or “Auto” mode

When all the settings are ready, decide whether you want to manually start the rounds or in auto mode. In manual mode, you launch the balls yourself. In automatic mode you have the option to specify the number of bets (from 10 to 1000) that will be automatically triggered. At any time in auto mode you can stop the game by pressing the “STOP” button, and if there is no money left in your account, the game will automatically stop.

5. Launch the balls on the playing field

Start the game by pressing the “PLAY” button so that the balls start to fall. In manual mode, each press of the button is 1 bet. You can press it constantly, how many presses were, so many bets and balls you launched on the playing field. In auto mode, everything will go automatically.

6. Wait and see where the balls will fall

Wait until the ball falls into the cell and depending on the odds will be displayed the amount of winning or losing.

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